A Killer’s Game by Luca Tahtieazym

by ebookslib

I’m a killer, an assassin, a murderer, a criminal. But above all, I’m an artist.’

France, 1986. Achilles Clazay is a successful and charismatic businessman who is adored by his partner and respected by his colleagues. He is also a talented artist who lives for his work. His latest project is Françoise Laville and she’s gagged in the shower, about to die. Because Achilles is the notorious serial killer who has been carving great works of art into the ‘canvas’ of his victims’ skin for five years.
But a copycat murder soon changes everything in his brutally ordered life. Naturally, Achilles is enraged by his imitator and will stop at nothing to find him. He is a practised hunter, but the hunt for the imposter will reveal dark secrets even he couldn’t have dreamt of. Will he survive the chase?

A Killer’s Game by Luca Tahtieazym, Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies (Translator)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 515 KB

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