A Wife Christmas by Rebecca Regnier

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A Christmas A Paranormal Rebecca Regnier

Midlife isn’t a crisis, but Christmas might be! The most famous wife in the world learns that it takes two to make the jingle right!
Fifty-year-old Bonnie Virtue has embarked on an adventure. Spurred by a recently empty nest, Bonnie finds love and magic in an unlikely place. After rescuing a man in danger, she’s thrust into a world that most people think only exists in fairy tales. Or children’s poems. Not only is she living at the North Pole, if she doesn’t do her part, Christmas, as the world knows it, will be over.

Bonnie Virtue will be put to the test from preventing a labor strike at a toy factory to the logistics of overnight global package delivery. Evil forces are conspiring to dethrone her husband. But if the bad guys are coming for Christmas, they’ll have to get through Bonnie first.

Magic, menopause, and adventure await, North of Forty-Nine.
A Wife Christmas features a menopausal midlife main character, a handsome silver fox, powerful magic, a touch of romance, and a woman starting over when the world thought it was time for her to pack it in. This paranormal women’s fiction adventure is perfect for the fans of K.F. Breene, Deborah Wilde, and Elizabeth Hunter.

Midlife isn’t too late. It’s just in time. North of Forty-Nine is when the adventure begins!

A Wife Christmas by Rebecca Regnier (North of Forty-Nine Book 2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 420 KB

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