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Absolution by Caro Ramsay

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A serial killer is stalking Glasgow.
A woman is found dead in her own home. No sign of forced entry. But she is posed as though on the cross. Ripped open and bled to death. With a blistering of chloroform round her mouth and nose.
She’s not the first victim found like this. DCI Alan McAlpine is on the case. He’s seen more than anyone would ever want to. Anderson and Costello know they have everything to learn from him.
But time is running out.
And the usually steely McAlpine is slowly unravelling. He’s obsessed with a two-decades-old case.
Can Anderson and Costello step up before any more women end up dead?

Absolution by Caro Ramsay
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 480 KB

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