Across the Red Sky by Victoria Kazarian

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Across the Red Sky

Know someone for twenty years. They seem safe, right?
Think again.
When someone slashes the throat of tech CEO Rosalind Mabrey during her morning run, suspicion falls on her fellow company founders—nicknamed The Fantastic Four.
Twenty years ago, during a wild week at a conference in Vegas, the four Stanford graduates buried a time capsule in the desert to celebrate their company’s success. They swore to stick together forever.
Now buried secrets are being discovered. And one murder is not enough.

Monte Verde police detectives Jimmy Ruiz and Dani Grasso investigate the murder, while Ruiz fights for his marriage and Grasso struggles to prove herself in a job that cost her everything.
Will Ruiz and Grasso solve the case before the secrets claim another victim?

Across the Red Sky by Victoria Kazarian (Silicon Valley Murder Series #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 316 KB

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