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All-Knowing Novice by Kenneth Arant

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All Knowing Novice Kenneth Arant

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is safety. Knowledge is Happiness. But only if you can act on it…
In spite of his best efforts, sixteen-year-old Taryn is an outcast. No one in the city will sully themselves by associating with a Clanless, and without someone to jumpstart his Eco core, he’s unable to fulfill his dream of walking the path of a cultivator. However, his life is turned upside down when he finds a journal belonging to an ancient immortal known only as “the Mourner.”

The journal was enchanted to pass along the memories and knowledge of the old cultivator to their successor. Taryn is ecstatic, as he suddenly has an abundance of knowledge at his fingertips…
Unfortunately, he’s unable to make use of that knowledge without Eco. And the Mourner’s spirit has begun showing Taryn visions of a possible future—one where his home is destroyed and the only family he knows dies before his eyes.

There’s only one way to prevent this future from coming to pass. The journey will either force him to surpass those who once mistreated him or end in his death, and not even the Mourner has the knowledge of which outcome it will be…

All-Knowing Novice by Kenneth Arant
English | 2021 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 386 KB

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