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Aloha & Bullets by Alex Cage

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Aloha Bullets A Leroy Silver Alex Cage

Leroy Silver wanted a vacation. What he got was flying bullets…
Silver, a skilled assassin turned corporate head of security, is in Hawaii having the best vacation ever. With a fancy resort on the beach, sunny weather, and his beautiful friend Julia, he’s enjoying himself to the fullest. Until…
… he crosses paths with a mysterious woman being pursued by the Yakuza. Silver and Julia try to help her, but before they know it, they’re dodging bullets, trekking through the jungle, retreating inside caves, and hiking up mountains.

And to make matters worse, the woman isn’t forthcoming about her ties to the Yakuza.
In a race for survival that will take him across the island of Oahu, Silver faces challenges unlike any he’s ever had, and will push his training and skills to the limit.
But to succeed may require more… if Silver doesn’t discover the truth and fast, many innocents will pay the ultimate price.

Aloha & Bullets by Alex Cage (Leroy Silver #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 264 KB

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