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Along Came A Spider by Blake Banner

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Along e A Spider A Dead Cold Mystery Book 28 Blake Banner

It should have been an open and shut case.

At forty-something, Bob Walklet was about to make a fortune with his IT company. But he’d made the mistake of falling in love with his assistant, twenty-something Sorka Williams. They were crazy about each other, and Bob had told his wife, Sheila – a thirty-something, ex-cop insurance consultant.

He wanted a divorce. And there was a prenup’.

When he was found in his bedroom, stabbed in the heart, her DNA was literally all over him, her prints were on the knife and a neighbor had seen her hurrying from the house at the time of death. Not only that, his death saved her from the prenup’, and she cleaned up on the insurance.

Open and shut.

Except for the small matter that over two hundred guests, including her friend the Boston Police Commissioner, had all seen her deliver a speech at a conference two hundred miles away, right at the time Bob was killed.

So the question Detectives Stone and Dehan are asking is, how can a killer be in two places at the same time?

Along Came A Spider by Blake Banner (A Dead Cold Mystery Book 28)
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