Already Missing by Blake Pierce

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Already Missing A Laura Frost Blake Pierce

A page-turning and harrowing mystery thriller featuring a brilliant and tortured female protagonist, the LAURA FROST series is rife with murder, mystery and suspense, twists and turns, shocking revelations, and driven by a breakneck pace. Fans of Robert Dugoni, Melinda Leigh and Lisa Regan are sure to fall in love. Pick up this fresh new mystery series and you’ll be flipping pages late into the night.

FBI Special Agent and single mom Laura Frost, 35, is haunted by her talent: a psychic ability which she refuses to face and which she keeps secret from her colleagues. Yet as much as Laura wants to be normal, she cannot turn off the flood of images that plague her at every turn: vivid visions of future killers and their victims.

This time, Laura’s visions aren’t just confusing—they run directly counter to the evidence. Following them can get her fired.

But not trusting them can mean a life.

Will her gift lead her down the wrong path?

And will this killer’s sick mind games finish her off for good?

Already Missing by Blake Pierce (Laura Frost FBI #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 309 KB

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