Angel of Vengeance by Scott Sakatch

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Angel of Vengeance Scott Sakatch

They thought she was dead. But Angel is back, and there’s hell to pay.

Angelica Morana is young, orphaned and undocumented, surviving on the mean streets of L.A. by avoiding conflict and authorities at all cost. But when she finds herself in the clutches of human traffickers, a twist of fate—or maybe an act of God—transforms her from helpless victim to apex predator, hungry for revenge against the untouchable power brokers who abused her and countless others. Can a lone woman survive against the most insidious criminal organization in America? The better question is: can they survive against her?

Angel of Vengeance by Scott Sakatch (The Angel Morana #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 464 KB

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