As the World Darkenss by Lucas Schmidt

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As the World Darkenss by Lucas Schmidt

After an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack destroys the U.S. power grid, a separated family must try to reach each other to survive.
Electricity goes out. Vehicles and phones stop working. Violence and looting result.
On Christmas Day, the electrical grid in the United States is destroyed and soon everyone panics.
In Newcomb, New York, a Navy SEAL sniper, Mike Hall, must reach his sister, Ruth, who is waiting for him to pick her up from the airport in Albany. During his two-hour-long drive, he finds his truck is among the few vehicles still working. Vehicles are abandoned in the snowy streets, and people start walking to find shelter from the freezing cold.

Mike will have to use his SEAL training to survive the snow storm and the unexpected violence on his path to finding his sister Ruth. At the same time, Ruth saves a boy who can’t get home to his grandparents after tragedy takes everything from him.

Waylon Anton is locked up in Albany Correctional Facility. When the prisoners riot after the lights go off, he escapes prison while phones and other communications stop working. Waylon will have to try to survive below-freezing temperatures and reach Moss Bykov, the leader of an anarchist group, who is his best chance at surviving the effects of the EMP.

As the snow storm moves over the state that is without electricity, ordinary people will have to try to survive the violence and disaster. But it’s not the EMP that’s the only problem, but the hundreds of millions that may fight their neighbors over food and water…once the grocery stores are empty and people begin to starve.

As the World Darkenss by Lucas Schmidt (The Darkened World #1)
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 433 KB

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