At First Sight by Joe Pascente

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At First Sight by Joe Pascente

Dr. Angela Haven is the woman behind the world’s first and only love drug called Pure. It works mostly off of sight, so if you so happen to see the love of your life, you’ll know instantly.
All around the world, people are taking Pure to find their one true love! Angela becomes famous, but shies away from the spotlight. Too many scorned lovers are unhappy with her when they use Pure and find out their significant other isn’t their true match.
When the wedding of an influential Mayor’s son goes awry due to taking this extraordinary love drug, the Mayor becomes vengeful and hires a team of assassins to kill Angela. The team is composed of 5 individuals with their own special set of skills.

But Angela isn’t without protection, as she has her own bodyguards, Jacobi and Mr. Hicks, prepared to save her life, as well as her own wits about her.
This deadly mission gets turned upside down when the leader of the assassin team, Ace, realizes he’s fallen in love with Angela – all thanks to Pure. He must now find a way to stop his team from killing his one true love.
From that moment on, it’s an action packed thrill ride riddled with emotional twists and turns and as the rest of the assassin team is about to discover, love can be a powerful deterrent to completing their mission… This story touches upon many aspects, like what defines love? Is it time spent with someone? Is it hormonal? Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
Would you take a love drug if it meant possibly finding your one true love?

At First Sight by Joe Pascente
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 235 KB

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