Bad Vibrations by Lucy Leitner

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Bad Vibrations by Lucy Leitner

What will you sacrifice to attain true health?
Valerie just arrived at Doctor’s hidden utopia for what was supposed to be a weekend of wellness.

A weekend of eating fruits straight from the farm. Of screaming hula hoop yoga and dynamic meditation to expel toxins Valerie knew were holding her back. A retreat where she’d attain the energy needed to return home and set new personal records at the gym. To land her dream job.

And of course, she’d finally have an appointment with Doctor, the naturopathic yogi guru who discovered the healing powers of drinking blood. He’d cured cancer. Leaky gut. Hashimoto’s thyroid and more.

But it turns out the blood-drinking wellness craze that swept the coasts isn’t too popular in rural Pennsylvania.

Get ready for sex, yoga, and blood.
Lots of Blood.

Bad Vibrations by Lucy Leitner
English | 2022 | Horror | 196 KB

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