Band of Broken Gods by Ryan Kirk

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Band of Broken God

His sword for his friends. His life for his family.
After a lifetime of battle and exploration, Hakon’s sword now lies hidden beneath the floor of his home. He seeks a quiet life, content to let the world pass him by.

Until he receives word that his daughter has gone missing without a trace.
Now he must pick up his sword once again, to fight the demons from his past one last time. Allies and enemies from a time of legend are converging for one final war, with Hakon and his family trapped in the eye of the storm. He must summon a band of heroes, long separated, if he hopes to survive. Against a hostile world and their most dangerous enemy ever, a band of broken gods gathers one last time.

For friendship.
For family.
For humanity.

Band of Broken Gods by Ryan Kirk (Saga of the Broken Gods #1)
English | 2021 | Epic Fantasy | ePUB | 457 KB

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