Bathwater Blues by Abe Moss

by ebookslib
Bathwater Blues

As her life implodes, a dark figure watches. There’s nothing divine about this intervention…
After a harrowing night of life-shattering events, Addie is unraveling. With a handful of pills and a bottle of her mother’s vodka, it’s only thanks to a sudden, uninvited guest that she’s barely yanked from the edge. An unearthly intruder, come to spare her from self-destruction…
…with plans far beyond any nightmare she could dream of… In a strange room, she awakens to the sounds of screams nearby. The door is locked. No one answers when she calls. All she finds is a single envelope on the desk beside her bed. Adelaide, it reads. Inside lies a dangerous letter. A dangerous promise. It’s a danger as old as evil, and far more alluring. Irresistible. Because no matter the cost, when it’s hope that’s offered… it’s only human to reach for it.

Bathwater Blues by Abe Moss
English | 2021 | Horror | ePUB | 590 KB

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