Birthday Girl by Niko Wolf

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Birthday Girl by Niko Wolf

He loved her. He lost her. But he should never have written her off.
Jonathan’s wife disappeared more than twenty years ago. Now he’s seeing her everywhere . . .
New York in the 1990s – impoverished writer Jonathan Dainty takes his wife Maddie out to the beach for her birthday. Hours later he finds himself at the local police precinct trying to explain how on earth he let his wife get into a stranger’s car, and allowed it to drive her away.

More than twenty years later, Maddie is presumed dead and Jonathan has channelled his grief into a best-selling series of crime novels. As far as he can, he is living the perfect life.
Then one day he catches a glimpse of his dead wife, moving through a throng of people. Is Maddie alive? Has she come back? And why does no one believe him? As Jonathan attempts to uncover the truth, it soon becomes clear that the people closest to him are hiding something, something that could change everything . . .

Birthday Girl by Niko Wolf
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 305 KB

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