Black Nab: Text M For Murder by Ely North

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Black Nab Text M For Murder by Ely North

He’s just received a text message from his wife… his dead wife!
A murder with no witnesses, no motive, no clues. Where would you begin?
The unsolved murder of a local woman, a spate of armed robberies on petrol stations, followed by two missing schoolgirls, who mysteriously vanish from a seaside beach in broad daylight, is challenging the resilience of battle-hardened Yorkshire cop DCI Frank Finnegan.

With a new, energetic, and street-smart female officer joining his ranks, will it be the boost he needs to solve the crimes?
When the grieving husband of the murdered woman offers vital information relating to the missing girls, things swiftly escalate.
Is there a connection between the three crimes?
And… is the husband telling the truth, or creating a diversion?
Frank Finnegan’s motto is—every crime scene contains a clue; every criminal makes a mistake.
Maybe this time, his adage will fail.

Black Nab: Text M For Murder by Ely North
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.2 MB

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