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Blood Casino by Nina Walker

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Blood Casino

Keep your cards close and your enemies closer.
At least that’s what my mom always told me. Becoming a vampire hunter was never in my cards, but it is now that she needs my help. A decade ago vampires seized control of the bars, casinos, and the dark underbelly of society. Now they deal in addiction and bargain with blood, and humans over twenty-five can’t fight back against their compulsion. It’s made my mother vulnerable––the only family I have left.
To save her, I’m forced to make a deal with the devil––one who lives above a casino, wears a crown, and wants to drink my blood. Andrianos Teresi may be dangerous and alluring but I’ve got a stake hidden up my sleeve. I’ll go all in and play his game, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. What I don’t expect? The heart that needs guarding is my own.

Blood Casino by Nina Walker
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 312 KB

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