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Boom And Bust by Nick Russell

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Boom And Bust by Nick Russell

The Roaring 20s are in full swing and people are living the good life, making money, and having fun. Henry Ford just introduced the forty-hour work week and there is plenty to celebrate. Nobody seems to have a care in the world, except for Elizabeth McNally, who can’t shake the feeling that there are things to fear just over the horizon, even though she can’t explain why.

The McNally family is prospering; Thomas, the oldest McNally son, is still being a thorn in the side of Toledo’s gangster element with his fearless newspaper coverage of their crimes, while his brother Peter’s garage is doing well, and brother Patrick is about to be handed his dream job. Meanwhile, sister Abby is beginning her career as a schoolteacher, and Thomas’s wife Veronica has made a name for herself in her own right as a feature reporter for the News Bee. Babies are being born and the midwife team of Elizabeth and her daughter Rachel sometimes have their hands full trying to keep up.

But things aren’t always what they seem, and there is a dark side to the good times. That message is brought home to Thomas when he narrowly escapes death from a bomb planted in his car. Not so lucky are the women being assaulted and murdered by a vicious attacker the press has dubbed the Toledo Clubber. Who is this mystery fiend, and has he crossed paths with two members of the McNally family? When Veronica is thrust into a different kind of story, trying to learn the secrets of a mysterious psychiatric facility, she too finds herself threatened. And who is the mystery woman who has rented the apartment above Peter’s garage?

At least things are going well for the Wirtz family on their farm in Michigan. Or are they? When an unexpected visitor shows up, bringing a reminder of Jacob’s past, will it change their lives forever?

Boom And Bust by Nick Russell (Tinder Street Saga #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 318 KB

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