Bounded Rationality by Mikael Carlson

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Bounded Rationality by Mikael Carlson

The end was only the beginning…
A week has passed since the terrorist attack in New York, and things are returning to business as usual…or are they? Behind the shroud of normalcy, corporate executives, patricians, and Intercorpex use the tragic incident to advance their agendas as they search for answers. Amidst a manhunt for Liberteum, Chief Inspector Zyree is assigned to work with a beautiful, by-the-book colleague to confirm his suspicions about Rykos. She considers it a waste of time…but is it?
When a high-ranking official is kidnapped and three wealthy patricians are murdered, Zyree thinks Rykos may be the key to unraveling a nefarious plot to destabilize the corporate system. The truth becomes increasingly elusive as the stakes rise and a desperate gamble is made… one that may cost him his life.
While Liberteum evades capture, infighting threatens to undermine their cause. A massive attack forces the terrorists to launch the second phase of her “Archimedes” plan. The world watches in horror as New York erupts in a sea of gunfire during a desperate escape from authorities who are racing against the clock to find and destroy them.

Born from the ashes left by the collapse of world governments in 2039, the world in 2088 is eerily similar to the present – filled with surveillance, propaganda, greed, and opportunism.

Filled with gritty characters who are not all good or all despicable, prepare for a roller-coaster ride of unexpected twists and dramatic events
The America, Inc. Saga is the next great struggle between liberty and tyranny. Loyalties are shifting, and alliances are fracturing. Political bickering threatens to undo the “utopian” corporatist society. Can differences be set aside, or will bounded rationality allow the “terrorists” to move closer to implementing a new world order?

Bounded Rationality by Mikael Carlson (The America, Inc #2)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 460 KB

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