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Bright Moment and Others by Daniel Marcus

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Bright Moment and Others Daniel Marcus

Timeless tales of saints and scoundrels, sinners and seekers, all from epic fantasy and space opera worlds that are both alien and hauntingly familiar.
In worlds ranging from the distant past to the end of time, the characters in these stories seek solace, meaning, and redemption as they struggle with what it means to be human.

Sometimes funny, sometimes dark and edgy, these stories showcase Marcus’ original voice and scrupulous attention to detail. Beautifully told in a range of genres you’re sure to love, you won’t want to stop reading from the first story through the last.

Bright Moment
Prairie Godmother
Jesus Christ Superstore
An Orange for Lucita
Binding Energy
Chimera Obscura
Blue Period
Halfway House
After the Funeral
Echo Beach
Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes
Ex Vitro
On the Variance of the Cold Equations Under A Basis Transformation
Random Acts of Kindness
Angel from Budapest
Killed in the Ratings
Quality Time
O You Who Turn the Wheel
The Dam
Memento Morrie
Albion Upon the Rock

Bright Moment and Others by Daniel Marcus
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 532 KB

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