Brink of Darkness by T. L. Payne

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Brink of Darkness by T L Payne

The unthinkable has happened.
The World goes dark. Technology is lost.
An EMP attack takes out the power grid putting two hundred miles and a dangerous crew of hired assassins between former police detective Sam Wallace and his family. Sam knew this assignment could be dangerous, but now he has to protect the witness and fight his way back home to his family without transportation and technology.

Lauren Wallace is one hundred miles from home, picking up Sam’s son, Charlie, at the airport when the lights go out. Her elderly parents need and rely on her every day, and as the day wanes and darkness approaches, she and thirteen-year-old Charlie have to fight their way home.

Brink of Darkness by T. L. Payne
English | 2022 | YA Fantasy | 444 KB

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