Budget Keto Kitchen by Monya Kilian Palmer

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Budget Keto Kitchen by Monya Kilian Palmer

You could be forgiven for thinking that the keto lifestyle is an expensive one – but that doesn’t have to be the case. In this highly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling Keto Kitchen and Lazy Keto Kitchen, Monya Kilian Palmer shares all the secrets of how to enjoy the energy-boosting (and weight-loss) benefits of the low-carb keto lifestyle without breaking the bank.

From clever use of leftovers to how to get the most out of more affordable cuts of meat, this book is packed with ideas to transform even the most basic of ingredients into decadent dishes that still work with your macros. From tasty Pulled Pork Burgers to Spicy Enchiladas or Mushroom & Cheese Soufflé Omelettes, these good-value, great-tasting meals will satisfy your taste buds – and your bank balance.

This is keto made simple and affordable.

Budget Keto Kitchen: Easy recipes that are big on taste, low in carbs and light on the wallet by Monya Kilian Palmer
English | 2022 | Food & Cooking | 37 MB

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