Cartel Fire by Tom Riggs

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A boy is murdered thousands of miles from home. Can finding his murderer bring former special forces killer Jack Munro the redemption he so needs?
Cartel Fire is the new thriller from former intelligence analyst Tom Riggs. It is set in the drug cartel badlands of Mexico and Venezuela as well as Scotland and London. Four years ago, Jack Munro was in Afghanistan, a special forces hunter trained to find and destroy the worst of the worst. But that was then. Now he’s stuck in London, behind a desk, trying to be a good citizen and work as a private investigator. Trying to forget his past. But the nightmares from his past won’t leave him. A call from a grieving mother of a murdered son rouses Munro from his torpor. His hunt for justice takes him to Venezuela and then to Mexico and right into the path of the country’s most vicious cartel and its army of sicarios.
As Jake Munro finds a witness to help him find the boy’s killer, he needs to call on everything he has to beat the cartel and its killers, including the deranged cartel killer known as El Doctor.

Cartel Fire by Tom Riggs
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 447 KB

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