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Cassia by DC Mallery

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CASSIA Daniel Mallery

Cassia is the story of Dr. Jack Temple—an ambitious young physician working at a state psychiatric hospital—who becomes obsessed with somehow cheating death to save his dying wife. And it is the story of his wife, Wendy, struck down in her prime, and now caught in a web of madness she can’t understand. It’s also the story of Dr. Temple’s precocious assistant, Lillian Anderson, who is also driven by relentless obsession but for far different reasons … and it’s the story of the ruthless psychopath, Edmund Lasker, who escapes the mental hospital, hellbent on hunting Jack down for his own reasons … and it’s the story of the tenacious Detective who tries to unravel the bewildering events that are rapidly spinning out of control. Most importantly, it is the story of the enigmatic new patient, the young woman known only as Cassia, who whispers to voices only she can hear, who might hold the key to saving Wendy’s life, who might hold the key to saving all their lives.

Cassia by DC Mallery (Daniel Mallery)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 404 KB

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