Chaos Reigns by Bo Thunboe

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Chaos Reigns EMP Apocalypse Su Bo Thunboe

Three weeks into the apocalypse with no end in sight…
Civilization has unraveled, winter has closed in, and packs of desperate men roam the streets taking what they want. Help from outside—the city, county, state, and federal governments—never arrived. Survivors are on their own.
Dan Fallon has suffered devastating loss but found a way to endure with what’s left of his family, and with his neighbors. His only goal is to get Sean through the dark days of the apocalypse and out the other side, however far off that might be. Sean devotes every waking moment to hunting to keep his mind off what he’s lost, and what he might still lose. But then he meets a neighbor’s niece and feels reborn with possibility.
When roamers come for what the Fallons have, they learn the Fallons are not a soft mark.
But desperate people might not be the most dangerous thing in the After. Something else is coming. Something insidious and invisible and known only by its effects.
Can the Fallons and their allies survive the chaos and this new threat?

Chaos Reigns by Bo Thunboe (EMP Strike Series #2)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 320 KB

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