Children of the Aris by T.R. Harris

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Children of the Aris Set in Th T.R. Harris

An ancient enemy appearing from within the Quantum Universe…
A desperate race to save the life of the most powerful being in the galaxy…
Can Adam Cain and his friends find the missing mutants before time runs out?
The ancient Aris helped created nearly all advanced life in the galaxy. But they weren’t alone. Now the long lost Children of the Aris have resurfaced, freed from their Quantum prison.

And now, they’re on a mission to reconstitute their race, supplanting all other life in the Milky Way. And to that end they need the mysterious Formation device. To get it, they’ve kidnapped the super mutants, Panur and Lila. Little do they know, Panur is no longer immortal and he will surely die if Adam Cain and his friends can’t find him and Adam’s daughter Lila in time. The clock is ticking before the universe loses its most advanced lifeforms – and Adam his precious daughter. Adam has never had a more urgent and personal mission than the one he has now. And never has he faced a more lethal and elusive foe. Children of the Aris is a wild chase through the galaxy to save Panur and Lila as time is running out. It’s non-stop action where the stakes have never been higher. Join Adam and his friends for their latest – and most important – adventure. Everyone’s life depends on it.

Children of the Aris by T.R. Harris (The Adam Cain Saga #9)
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 290 KB

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