Chosen for Power by Lindsay Buroker

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Chosen for Power An Epic Fanta

Jak and his allies venture through the portal in search of the longevity plant their king demands, but all Jak wants is to find the elder dragons.

Some say they’re extinct. Some say they’re in hiding.
If he can’t locate them, there won’t be anyone to teach his hatchling how to fly. Or to protect the dragon eggs preserved within a glacier on another world. Or to help him free his people from the tyrannical rule of the wizards.
Jak has no choice. He must find the dragons.

But some ancient secrets were buried for a reason. What he discovers may jeopardize not only Jak and his allies—the survival of the entire species of dragons may be at stake.

Chosen for Power by Lindsay Buroker (Dragon Gate #4)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 668 KB

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