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Close to Home by L.T. Ryan, K.M. Rought

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Close to Home A Bear and Mandy L T Ryan

For years, Bear Logan served alongside Jack Noble. A top hitman. A top operator. When his chance at a simpler life came, he took it. But freedom is meant for the free, and that’s a luxury Bear might never have.
Bear Logan escaped a life of espionage, severing ties with all but his adopted teen daughter, Mandy. But Mandy isn’t a regular teen. Her family dead or estranged, raised with Bear and Jack Noble. She knows how to survive.
Relocated to a sleepy town in upstate New York, Bear and Mandy try to blend in. But when Bear unearths human remains in their backyard, unwanted attention is soon thrust upon him.
Working with the local sheriff, Josephine McKinnon, they discover there’s more going on in the town than anyone realized. A long history of families falling sick and dying plagues the area. As the mystery unfolds, Bear, Mandy, and McKinnon find themselves in the middle of a decades old conspiracy and cover up. And Bear is their number one target.
Now, facing a corporate giant trying to correct the sins of its past, Bear must step out of the shadows to deliver justice for the town, even if it means his life.

Close to Home by L.T. Ryan, K.M. Rought (Bear & Mandy Logan Book 1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 361 KB

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