Cold Dark Secrets by Ann Reid

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Cold Dark Secrets A British Cr Ann Reid

Welcome to Templetown, where the scenery is beautiful, the sea is near, and the locals are secretly murderous.
Forced to move to the small seaside town, DI Ruth Savage doesn’t expect much from the new location. Nothing ever happens in Templetown and Ruth believes her detective career will be reduced to dealing with petty theft and burglaries. But when a well-loved fifteen-year-old is found naked and dead in her bedroom, Ruth is dragged into an intense investigation. The more evidence she uncovers, the more confusing the case becomes.
Everything points to the most unlikely suspect: the victim’s fifteen-year-old neighbour and priest in training. But as the evidence mounts, it soon becomes clear that sometimes, it’s the quietest towns that hold the darkest of secrets.
What’s worse, seeking the truth about the murder will force Ruth to confront her own past…and that is the exact thing she’d moved to Templetown to get away from.

Cold Dark Secrets by Ann Reid
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 249 KB

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