Cold Hard Cache by Amy Isaman

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Cold Hard Cach

A murder, hidden treasure, and buried family secrets were the last things Tricia Seaver expected to find when she came home to help care for her ailing mother. But then again trouble seems to be finding her a lot lately.
After a girl’s night out in her small hometown, she stumbles across a dying man who, despite the knife sticking out of his gut, manages to mumble a cryptic message about his legacy. Hidden Treasure
Tricia soon learns that his final words weren’t the drunken ramblings of a dying man nor are they the only thing he left her with. Everything points to a missing treasure, one that has torn not only her small Idaho hometown apart, but her own family.
Buried Secrets
As Tricia untangles the mystery, she discovers that the shocking truth about the missing gold and the murder won’t stay buried forever.
Because someone she knows is a murderer.

Cold Hard Cache by Amy Isaman (Tricia Seaver Mystery #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 272 KB

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