Condemned by Christopher Renna

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The suburb of Newman, Connecticut, nurtures its upper-middle class clichés. It’s a picturesque community that boasts ambitious career-oriented parents and overachieving children. The residents are accustomed to keeping family matters behind closed doors. And their secrets are locked away in high-priced Colonial homes from the eyes and ears of curious outsiders.

Conner and his two best friends, Trevor and Adam, are enjoying their senior year of high school. Competitive and popular, they’re focused on academic and athletic successes paving their way to college. But the sudden death of their former friend, Jared, forces them to tackle a new challenge, a growing interest in the unofficial cause of Jared’s death: Possession by the devil. Gossip threatens to reveal secrets. A paranormal investigator arrives in town seeking demons and fame. As media attention mounts, Conner and his friends must confront the rumors head-on to salvage Jared’s memory. Then they must accept the reason why they allowed their friendship with Jared to crumble. Because the devil is in the details.

Condemned by Christopher Renna
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 317 KB

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