Core Convergence by Jonathan Brooks

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Core Convergence by Jonathan Brooks

In an effort to stop their enemy, the Station Core needs to investigate a strange dungeon world…
The Heliothropes have opened up another dimensional wound, and now it’s up to Milton and his crew to locate the Stabilizing Anchor holding the wound open and destroy it before the connection between two dimensions stabilizes completely. It should be fairly easy, as they had done the same thing on Sandra’s planet, but there’s a problem.

They can’t seem to find a single trace of the enemy.
Due to the unusual energy coming permeating the world Haven Station is orbiting around, their sensors cannot penetrate the outer atmosphere. The same sensor issues soon become evident on the planet itself, so Milton resorts to manually searching for the Heliothropes; in the process, he learns more about the world full of millions of dungeons and the strange way everything operates.

But will he be able to locate and destroy the Anchor before it’s too late?
It’s too soon to tell, but there is a distinct possibility that Milton is going to need some help from those in charge; and who would be better than the one person that brought the Dungeon Cores of the world to their figurative knees?

Core Convergence by Jonathan Brooks (Dimensional Dungeon Cores #3)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 422 KB

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