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Cryptic Magic by Lily Skyy

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Cryptic Magic The Hidden Proph Lily Skyy

A mystical bounty hunter…
A young woman with unfathomable power…
Two worlds collide…
The city of Rhapta is home to the Anunnaki, an ancient race tasked with protecting mankind. Zaid, a bounty hunter, is sent to track down a rogue Anunnaki known as an Ubir. He must capture her and bring her back to stand trial.
Kinza has never heard of the Anunnaki and she has no idea where she got the mysterious tattoo on her sternum. When a strange, dangerous power emerges, Kinza learns that she is more than human. Could she be Anunnaki?
Together with Zaid, they must travel to Rhapta for answers. That is if they can survive the trip and each other…

Cryptic Magic by Lily Skyy (The Hidden Prophecy Book 1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 354KB

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