Cutting Edge by Phil Reade

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Cutting Edge by Phil Reade

Some people will do anything for family … even kill.
After a frantic missing persons case goes wrong, private investigator Thomas Blume is facing a wrecked car and a disastrous winter when a mysterious invitation arrives, promising a big payday with only one catch … he must solve the case of a murdered billionaire.

But when Blume realizes something far more valuable than money has been taken from the victim, he finds himself battling across country mansions, dark alleyways, and through layers of intrigue, family feuds, and corporate conspiracy, to enter a dangerous world of technological marvels, bleeding-edge science, and those that will do anything to protect their secrets.

With the clock counting down and the suspects rising, can Blume uncover the truth before his future is lost?

Cutting Edge by Phil Reade (Thomas Blume #9)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 365 KB

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