Dark Flight by James Blatch

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Dark Flight by James Blatch

Public eyes are on the Apollo Moon mission, but it’s the secret space race that will decide who wins the Cold War.
In the dark recesses of a hangar, hidden deep in the Mojave desert, an experimental hypersonic aircraft lurks in the shadows.

A secret to all but a handful of men, the XS-81 has a very specific task, ready to protect the United State’s military secrets from a new wave of Soviet satellites.

To crew a highly sensitive first mission, a young test pilot will sit alongside an Edwards AFB veteran. For Captain Red Brunson, this is a chance to make amends after a difficult start in his test flying career.
But at the heart of this top-secret project, is a traitor.
With the United States on the brink of a humiliating disaster, exposed by a deep cover spy, Red finds himself at the centre of an incident that could make the Bay of Pigs look like a picnic.
His own life is on the line, but if he fails, it won’t be worth living anyway.

Dark Flight by James Blatch
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 442 KB

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