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Dead Space by Micheal Maxwell, Warren Keith

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Dead Space Flynt and Steele M Warren Keith

With all this mess, where do you hide the body?

What starts as a simple missing person’s case becomes one huge mess…literally. When Flynt and Steele take the job, they find that the missing persons case might very well be something much more sinister. Right away, the duo get a crash course in the world of extreme hoarders, which tests the bond that has been growing between them. And with their own struggles and demons in their personal lives rising to the surface, this might be the hardest test they’ve faced together.

As the leads all start to pile up and result in only more questions, there’s more than one kind of mess to deal with. In perhaps the most high-speed Flynt and Steele novel to date, the detectives learn that some people keep all sorts of items among their piles and piles of treasures…including dark pasts and deadly secrets.

Dead Space by Micheal Maxwell, Warren Keith (Flynt and Steele Mysteries #6)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 245 KB

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