Death By Cupcake by Jess Faraday

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Death by Cupcake Jess Faraday

A cupcake sounds so innocent: a bright, sugary confection fit for a children’s party or afternoon tea. But scrape off the frosting, and you might find something quite different underneath, such as a string of overdoses in people who don’t use drugs. An awful lot of suspects for an accidental death. Warm puppies and cold blooded killers. A pet python that knows a jerk when she sees one. A cupcake-themed beauty pageant that turns…sour.

And more!
These cupcakes aren’t always sweet. In fact, many lead to a sticky end. But only for those who truly deserve it.
So pull up a chair, grab your fork, and help yourself!

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Death By Cupcake by Jess Faraday (Editor)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 167 KB

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