Deep Fitness by Philip Shepherd, Andrei Yakovenko

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Deep Fitness Philip Shepherd

We all know exercise is important. But why?
The mixed messages we’ve received about exercise, aerobics, and mental and physical fitness are all misleading…or at least incomplete.
Clinical research shows that we lose muscle mass as we age, and that preventing muscle loss through strength training–more than cardio, stretching, or flexibility–is the key to staying active, healthy, and well.

Deep Fitness introduces a proven, new approach to building strength and whole-body health: Mindful Strength Training to Failure (MSTF). This science-based method reverses muscle loss and improves overall strength in just one or two 30-minute sessions a week.
MSTF exercises are simple and effective, and can be done at home with resistance bands and bodyweight, or with the machines at your local gym. Using slow reps, MSTF marries mindful body awareness with proven strength-training techniques to help you become stronger at any age.

Deep Fitness: The Mindful, Science-Based Strength-Training Method to Transform Your Well-Being in Just 30 Minutes a Week by Philip Shepherd, Andrei Yakovenko
English | 2021 | Healthcare & Fitness | 4.5 MB

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