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Desert Shield by Matt Jackson, James Rosone

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Desert Shield Matt Jackson

Saudi Arabia has fallen…as America fights to hold on.

Saddam declares this the “Mother of all Wars.”

Iraq controls twenty-five percent of the world’s daily oil output. Prices soar as the Soviet Union moves to fill the void. The world’s first oil war has begun and wreaked havoc on global trade.

Fighting around Medina and the Islamic Holy sites turns medieval.

Memories of World War I trench warfare return. Will the 101st Airborne be able to stop the Republican Guard from throwing America and the remnants of the Saudi Army into the Red Sea?

High above the skies of the desert, Iraqi MiG-29s, flown by Soviet advisors, battle against F-15s and F-14s for supremacy of the skies.

Egypt deploys its military to join forces with Great Britain and the US to hold the line in Oman. King Abdullah of Jordan rallies to the Haus of Saud, increasing Arab legitimacy to remove Saddam.

Desert Shield kicks off in earnest. America deploys the largest contingent of forces abroad since the Vietnam War.

The world holds its breath as more than one million soldiers prepare to clash.

Desert Shield by Matt Jackson, James Rosone (Crisis in the Desert #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 813 KB

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