Double Shot of Scotch by Peter Cleveland

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Double Shot of Scotch

Hamilton St. James — cultured, respected, and with a resumé to match — is the best corporate investigator around.
Teaching part time at a university and taking on the occasional investigation, his glory days of racing around the continent chasing down criminals and exposing fraud at the highest levels seem to be coming to an end. But when a top-flight accountant goes missing along with $23 million of company money, St. James is the man called in to track him down. With an eclectic team of a waitress, an eccentric code-cracker, a bodyguard, and a kindly man without a calling, St. James must navigate a shady world of offshore accounts and hired killers — and maybe find love in the process.
A globetrotting detective story of murder and corporate malfeasance, Double Shot of Scotch will keep you guessing to the final page.

Double Shot of Scotch by Peter Cleveland
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1 MB

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