Drawing and Painting Beautiful Flowers by Kyehyun Park

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Drawing and Painting Beautiful Flowers by Kyehyun Park

Drawing and painting realistic flowers is achievable! Create a wide variety of blooms and greenery using an easy step-by-step method, then add watercolor for gorgeous effects.

In Drawing and Painting Beautiful Flowers , discover how to draw flowers such as cosmos, hibiscus, canola, lily of the valley, hydrangea, foxglove , and more from various angles, and learn about perspective and shading . Once you have the skills to draw a single flower, learn how to draw groupings and wreaths . Mix in leaves and smaller flowers to create a variety of looks .

Then, learn simple techniques to add luscious watercolor , using shading, blending, and gradient techniques for eye-catching results.

Popular Instagram artist Kyehyun Park shares her secrets for capturing realistic flower, leaf, and plant shapes . Artists of all levels love drawing and painting nature, and with these techniques they’ll confidently render lifelike botanicals in an array of lovely palettes.

The book also includes:
Ideas and techniques for drawing and painting charming potted plants
Instructions for drawing and painting smaller flowers, buds, and branches
Watercolor techniques showing how to expertly blend colors , use brush strokes and brush pressure to create various shapes , and how to use color to shade and highlight
Warm-up exercises that help develop skills
Simple methods for understanding perspective and composition , making it effortless to draw flowers from different angles

Add these striking florals to sketchbooks, stationery, journals, and more. With Drawing and Painting Beautiful Flowers , creating true-to-life florals and plants is within your reach!

Drawing and Painting Beautiful Flowers: Discover Techniques for Creating Realistic Florals and Plants in Pencil and Watercolor by Kyehyun Park
English | 2022 | Arts & Photography | 15 MB

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