Echo Ender by Eden Wolfe, Craig Martelle

by ebookslib
Echo Ender A Coming of Age Fan Eden Wolfe

The chaser being chased, while the echo pulls every dreamer in.
The real and unreal begin to blur, as dreams and nightmares blend and enemies appear as friends.
Something must end.
Ravlen is single minded in her quest to stop the men who lure those who dream, who wish, and who beg for a better world.

Has she misjudged the echo masters? Falsehood and promise, suffering in the real world or numbness in the echo. Ravlen sees a different future, and she’ll put herself on the line for it.
Her strength is her weakness. But wisdom and a dog teach her that weakness is a strength.
As the choices become fewer and lives hang in the balance, will Ravlen know which path to take?

Echo Ender by Eden Wolfe, Craig Martelle (Not Enough #3)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 627 KB

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