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Electric Green Mambas by Bryan Cassiday

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Electric Green Mambas Scott Br Bryan C iday

A serial killer recalling the likes of Charles Manson stalks LA.
In this terrifying psychological thriller with occult overtones, Scott Brody, a Los Angeles PI, is hired by Evelyn Martin to find her missing brother Tyler Keogh, a well-to-do aeronautical engineer and a member of the local Mensa board of directors.

As Brody conducts his search, he keeps discovering victims of a serial killer who leaves clues connecting the murders to a hopped-up cult that collects Nazi SS Totenkopf memorabilia and worships Li Grande Zombi, a voodoo snake god. Fearing Keogh might be next on the killer’s hit list targeting the entire LA Mensa board of directors, Brody rushes to find Keogh before the killer.
Meanwhile, Brody suspects the serial killer has cast a voodoo curse on him to keep him from accomplishing his mission by inducing in him ghastly hallucinations. Brody must separate fact from fiction to arrive at the shocking truth. Will Brody find Keogh in time to save Keogh’s life? Or will Brody become another victim of the serial killer?

Electric Green Mambas by Bryan Cassiday (Scott Brody #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 350 KB

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