Empyrean’s Rise by Tom Elliot, Rohan M. Vider

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Empyreans Rise by Tom Elliot Rohan M Vider

For centuries, the new Powers have controlled the Game.
But the Game was eons old before their rise.
And now, something new—and old, too—is stirring.
The Empyrean.

In the unlikeliest of places, in the depths of a Power’s sector, and in the heart of a young woman, an ancient bloodline stirs.

Elana is an orphan. Long bereaved of both her parents, she hates the Game and everything it represents. But now, fate threatens to steal one of the few remaining people Elana holds dear: her brother Soren. How far will she go to save him? And will she become the very thing she hates in doing so?
Can Elana survive long enough to realize her own destiny? Read her tale and find out!

Empyrean’s Rise by Tom Elliot, Rohan M. Vider (The Grand Game)
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 946 KB

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