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End of the Road by Ava Zuma

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End of the Road Ava Zuma

Luke Botha thought he had everything in life.
A successful business.
A dependable business partner.
A loyal team who were committed to his business goals.
Yes, his business was the main priority in his life and everything else had to play second fiddle.
When his business partner is found dead and his business is closed while the police investigate, it seems his ideal life as he knew it is over.

Matters take a turn for the worse when the police identify him as a prime suspect. He’s confused, afraid and angry that they would imagine he would ever commit such a heinous crime.
He knows he didn’t do it.
But if he didn’t do it, then who did?
Luke has to humble himself and deploy skills he’s used to make money to find a killer who doesn’t want to be found. He cannot afford to be unsuccessful, otherwise everything he’s worked so hard to build will come crumbling down and signify the end of the road for him in every conceivable way.

End of the Road by Ava Zuma (Westbay City #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery | 413 KB

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