Escaping Gettysburg by Shayne Donovan

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Escaping Gettysburg Shayne Donovan

Clara Matthews was grieving. The kind of grieving that hurts right down to your soul.

After a tremulous childhood, raised by a prostitute mother, an absent father and having practically nothing, Clara’s mother passes away, leaving her alone in the world. When Ben enters her life, it is like the sun finally shone down on her. Their marriage was blissfully perfect. Then Ben passes away. In one of the most agonizing ways possible, leaving her alone once more.

One night Clara is drawn to her balcony, thinking it is Ben calling her home, she steps onto the edge and a freak accident sends her spiraling into Gettysburg 1863. Now trapped in the past Clara must figure out how to adapt and overcome. She struggles to understand the reason she is there and the way of life she must now lead. It is in the past that she meets Ginny, a woman whom she feels an instant connection too and befriends immediately. Now she focuses her energy on not only getting back to the twenty-first century but making sure that Ginny makes it out of the Battle of Gettysburg alive.

What she didn’t count on was Jeremiah Mackenzie, a man that somehow see’s her, right down to her very soul. Together with Ginny and Jeremiah, Clara begins to heal. If only she can escape the dangerous man who is determined to see her dead. Finding her way back to the future becomes less prevalent.

Escaping Gettysburg by Shayne Donovan
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 234KB

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