Every Mother’s Son by Alex Smith

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Every Mothers Son

It’s the Mother of All Crimes.
DCI Robert Kett’s efforts to return to a normal life are dashed after he receives a phone call from his mother, Mary—a woman he hasn’t spoken to in almost two decades. When she invites him and the girls to visit her in the isolated village where she has been staying, Kett sees an opportunity to heal their fractured relationship. But this is no family reunion.
Mary Kett needs his help. A young couple have been brutally murdered and their newborn son is missing—a note left in his crib saying that the baby will die if the police are called.
Forced to go undercover with Porter and Savage, Kett discovers that somebody here has everything to hide and nothing to lose. And with time running out fast—not just for the missing child, but for an entire community—Kett must solve one of the darkest and most terrifying mysteries of his life.
A mystery that threatens to tear his own family apart.

Every Mother’s Son by Alex Smith (DCI Kett #7)
English | 2021 | Crime Thriller | 567 KB

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