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Falling with Grace by Ayleen Whyte

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Falling with Grace A masterfu Ayleen Whyte

When the beautiful young Grace Desmond goes missing from her home in rural Ireland, suspicion falls on her husband Dominic. As the police begin to close in, gathering more and more evidence of murder, the family must contend with secrets and betrayal that cause their relationships to unravel.
Challenged by the mystery and pulled by competing loyalties, Dominic’s sister Kay begins a search for the answer to what really happened. As she uncovers more pieces of the puzzle, she starts to wonder whether she ever really knew Grace, or Dominic, at all.
When the truth of what happened to Grace emerges, it is a tragedy more complex than anyone could have foreseen.

Falling with Grace by Ayleen Whyte
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 790 KB

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