Farpoint Rising by Vincent Bek

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Farpoint Rising by Vincent Bek

Kasey Robinson may have come to grips with having his galactic mindset shattered—but the galaxy is entering a perilous time of transformation with the system gates beginning to come online.

The lost Farpoint colonies are about to be reintegrated back into the Terrantine Federation, beginning an expansion larger than any the galaxy has previously seen. While the federation’s plans are moving forward, faster than ever before, the galaxy is not as uninhabited as they once believed—and Kasey is quickly becoming entangled in their designs.

Kasey is now faced with a risk-everything gamble to secure a future for those under his protection. His choices are clear—be part of the change or be overrun by it.

Farpoint Rising by Vincent Bek (Farpoint #2)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 472 KB

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