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Fight Dirty by Dreda Say Mitchell

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Fight Dirty A gripping crime t Dreda Say Mitchell

Her enemies are closer than she thinks.
Notorious East End gangster,Jimmy Southpaw, has made his long lost granddaughter, Maureen ‘Big Mo’ Watson, the head of his criminal empire. But not everyone is happy about it, including Mo’s tough as nails new stepmother, Kristal Steele. When a mysterious new gangster goes to war with her, Mo begins to doubt her ability to fill Jimmy’s shoes. Feeling her enemies circling Mo contacts ruthless bad boy Nico Sinclair to help find out who’s trying to take her criminal crown.
Who is this gangster taking Mo on? Who’s backing him up? Will Jimmy think he’s made a mistake choosing Mo as his gangland heir?

Fight Dirty by Dreda Say Mitchell (Big Mo #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 293 KB

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